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somewhat new Logic user...having trouble with getting external MIDI files to work...

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hello everyone!! I've read through the entire thread

from 2013 on this subject... 

I've also migrated over from Garageband to Logic Pro for the same reason as he had. So far, I've gotten down to selecting I/O in the channel strip, making a software instrument track and an audio track. I've found the I/O on the audio track and have "input 1" selected....I've also gotten past the point of finally able to get the MIDI file I want, actually into the channel strip after I did the above steps, which is a reliever!! It's been a while since I've been able to figure out how to do this, without giving up so easily!! I've looked all over the Logic Pro manual like the other person in this post did..Still wasn't exactly understanding the technical terms, so it made it hard to follow. At least I have figured out on my own how to get to this part. I'm still having no sound. I'm trying to do the same thing in that post, trying to have an external midi sound play from a company I downloaded the file from. However, after doing these steps, I'm not sure where to go next. I don't have the MIDI file in the audio strip anymore, I've moved it to the software instrument. It's lighting up as green, so I'll assume it's able to read it, since before it was showing grey. The issue is mainly the no sound. So, just would need to know what to do next. Thanks guys for all the patience and support, I really could use some help!!!

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3 hours ago, sophiebeanzee1320 said:

trying to have an external midi sound play from a company I downloaded the file from

What sound/file exactly is it? What company? 

I highly recommend trying as much as possible to learn the proper terminology for the tools as this will greatly help you communicate, whether for reading manuals/tutorials or for explaining your problem on this forum. 

For example, an external MIDI track is used to record/edit MIDI notes in order to trigger an external MIDI instrument, typically a physical synthesizer or sampler. 

A software instrument track is used to record/edit MIDI notes in order to trigger an internal software instrument: a software synth, or a software sampler, either one that came with Logic Pro, or a 3rd party plug-in. 

An audio track is used to record/edit audio (a recording of a microphone, or an electric bass or guitar for example). 

My understanding so far is that you have a MIDI region on a software instrument track, and that the MIDI region is not muted (it's green, not gray), so that's all good. Now you need to make sure that there's an instrument in the instrument slot of the channel strip in order for the MIDI notes to have some sounds to trigger. You can do that by selecting a patch for the channel strip in the Library (a patch is a collection of plug-ins for the channel strip, including an instrument plug-in in this case, and optionally some effect plug-ins as well). 

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Posted (edited)

so sorry it took me a while to respond. I'm going to try this. I hope this works. I'm going to try this out now!!! Regarding the busses and the plugins, would you suggest making a separate bus for this? I actually have a different project pulled up but I'm essentially trying to do the same thing. I'm working with a "one shot" bass kick I've successfully extracted from a loop, but it is still in audio format. 

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