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Copy/paste when group comping


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I'm comping multi-track drums with multiple takes for each track. I know how to group the tracks together and so far everything's gone fine, except when I tried to copy and paste a region from one take. In that case it didn't apply to the other tracks in the group. Is there any way to do that? Or do I just have to make the same copy/paste for every track individually?

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Oh, thank you! I didn't know about option-dragging (I'm new to Logic). That seems to work well except I want to put the copied region onto its own take lane instead of going on top of an existing one, and I can't figure out for the life of me how to create a new lane, other than copy/pasting which creates one automatically, but then I'd still have to do it for every track individually. Have Googled and looked in the manual and can't figure it out.

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Unfortunately AFAIK creating a new (empty) lane is not possible (an oversight on Apple's side I think), so the only thing I can think of is to record a very short "dummy" take so a new lane is created for that and then use that as destination.

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