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Mixed Note Tuplets

Scott K.
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Hello Logic Friends -

I am new to the score editor and through that I'd ask for help on the forum while I'm figuring this out from the documentation. I want to notate this tuplet, which contains quarter notes and eighth notes. I've been playing with the quantization settings to no avail so far. 

Thank you!

- Scott

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 11.00.57 AM.png

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Let me simply also suggest that dedicated music-scoring software might be something that you should consider, if your primary focus in this needs to be "the printed page."  (Logic's focus is necessarily: "precisely-timed musical events.")

Having been fully prepared to buy a top-end edition of either Sibelius® or Finale® for this purpose, I wound up choosing an extremely capable open-source product called MuseScore for this purpose.  It runs on everything and is extremely well-done.  It has a very active community and a large library of scores. (Both "free" and "royalty.")

It is easy to swap scores back-and-forth between the two products using the "MusicXML" file format, with only minor changes.  This, therefore, might be the most efficient solution for your problem.

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Well, I haven't experienced that use-case, but it might be interesting to see what "MusicXML" does with your tempo, and what a music-scoring package would then actually do with it.  Since it seems that your ultimate work-product is a document, this might be the way to go.

"What Logic's score-editor has to work with" is still an event list.  That's its only focus.  But that's not a document.  Music-scoring software takes the opposite approach, and so it might be the "finishing touch" that you need for your players.

To put it another way: "Logic tries its best to turn a sound-event-list into a score," while "Scoring software tries its best to turn a score into a sound." And, both of them are pretty darned good at it. Nevertheless, their "databases" are fundamentally different. Each type of software is a specialist in one speciality. But the two can very easily talk to each other.

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Hello Scott. I suspect this is a positional issue -- that is, the underlying MIDI note F (assuming bass clef) is on or still too close to the third beat. 

If you align all your settings to the following, you should see the correct result. If not, feel free to post your own screenshots. 

Note that I have set my grid to /12. It allows the grid lines in Piano Roll to show you where the eighth note triplets should generally land. You do *not* need to set the grid lines to /12 to do any of this -- I just did it to help you understand what's happening. The note placement need not be precise, but they do need to be close enough for the Score Quantize to render correctly. 

I know this seems like a lot of work for a comparatively easy transcription. But once it clicks, it's like riding a bike. 

Allow Half Values 2.png

Allow Half Values 3.png

Allow Half Values 4.png

Allow Half Values 5.png

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