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Want to buy plugins on sale? The time is now!

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For those who are not subscribed to mailing lists: Plugin Alliance is going nuts with sales! The last few days I've been getting lots of emails with sales. I just bought a plugin that usually costs like $130, for just $30! I don't make money promoting this, but maybe some of you want to buy some of their plugins at lower prices and their sales are insane right now!

And yeah, do yourself a favor and subscribe to all these companies, because you will be saving lots of money for sure!

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They've got great plugins and you're right, they have been going nuts with the sales lately.

Since the introduction of Soundwide I am also slowly seeing Native Instruments and iZotope plugins also make their crazy sales list.  Definitely with a check out.

If that's not for you I'm sure Waves has something on sale for super cheap, they always seem to these days.  If you're lucky you can also pick up bundles and get a discount on WUP too... if you're lucky.

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3 hours ago, des99 said:

Note - Forever29 seemed to be a bit too good of a deal and so PA is now ending it on the 15th. If you want to pick up a few F29 vouchers before it ends, which you can use to buy plugins later on, now is the time...

Yeah I saw that one too. I already spent too much this past month with all the sales they had, but since I'm on their mailing list, and for now I have all plugins I need, I will wait until something is on sale again (and if I need it, of course). Maybe not the $31 deal, but... oh well...

I think the future of plugins is actually on the rent-to-own model. Companies are missing on a lot of money for not embracing it 100%

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