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Assigning a Pot to 2 different plugins / Controller Assignment Modes

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I’m trying to assign one controller pot to 2 controller assignment modes (2 different plugin chains)

I’ve setup the first mode. I created a 2nd mode and tried to learn one of my pots to a new plugin but I get a warning message saying “the parameter is already assigned to another parameter”. I select the “keep both” options but the controller doesn’t control the new assignment in mode 2. Can anyone help?


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No I think Smart Controls have to be copies over either the Patch. I want my mapping to be system wide without requiring a patch. I think what I’m trying to achieve should be possible in Controller Assignments though I just don’t know why it’s not working atm? 

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So you've made one assignment in one mode, and another assignment in a second mode. The assignment of whichever mode is active should respond. Perhaps you are still in the first mode when learning the assignment, rather than learning it to the second mode?

Make sure your second mode is active before making the second assignment, or if that's flaky, you could copy/paste the first assignment into the second mode and edit it's parameters there. Or just learn the assignment at the top modeless level and move it where you need it afterwards.

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