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Assignments keep being saved to unintended Mode in a different Zone


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I'm trying to create a 2nd Mode (within the save Zone) to store new assignments for a different plugin chain. Does any one know why my learned Assignments keep getting saved to the Modes inside the "Global Views" Zone (this is a default zone I think was installed with my DAW controller), rather than the mode I had selected when I learned the assignment? I have to keep going into Global Views and copy/pasting the assignment into the intended mode. 

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To add:

The map gets stored to the intended mode just fine as soon as it's learned. It's only when I deactivate the "Learn Mode" button that the map then disappears from the selected Mode and is found in the unintended Mode. But it's sporadic. Sometimes the map stay where it is when deselecting the Mode Learn button, sometimes it doesn't. 

I thought this might be something to do with my DAW controller (Platform M+) being turned on whilst mapping, so turned it off but no difference. 

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These things are usually just flaky or inconsistent behaviour in the controller assignments window - we basically learn to work around them. It's not always possible for Logic to know your intent, and what it does often differs from what you want, and other times it's behaviour is difficult to understand - and sometimes it's user error too, of course. It makes working with controller assignments sometimes more painful than it should be, and there are other unpredictable, buggy behaviours too.

I don't think you're doing anything wrong as such.

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