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Share project file with someone without plugins used.


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I´m trying to get my head around Logic and couldn´t find a solution to this yet.

I have a project a I would like to share with a friend for my first collaboration. The thing is I´ve recorded guitars and other instruments using plugins and the person I´ll be sharing the file with doesn´t have the plugins used to record most of the tracks.

Is there any way I can share the tracks with the same sound but no plugins? As if it was bouncing tracks individually but respecting volumes and pan used.

How could I share a file/project so that my colleague opens up the file and even if he doesn´t have any of the plugins used he can still see all the separate tracks and the way the tracks were panned left or right and also respecting each track´s volume for individual control.

Please let me know if you know how to do this.

Thanks very much in advance.

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Use the Freeze buttons on the Track Headers and make sure the Tracks' Freeze parameters are set to Pre Fader, then hit play once. This bounces all Tracks that have Freeze enabled and any plugins are deactivated:


Make sure the resulting bounces in the Freeze Files folder as well as any audio files are transferred to your collaborator.

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I collaborate with other people. This is the way i do it: we decide who will mix the project. Let’s say it is me. I build a project and mix it down. Bounce it. Send it to my collaborator. He opens his DAW and imports that .Wav. He adds tracks to it and bounces his tracks in .wav. He makes sure it is bounced from the beginning of the project so when i import his tracks into my Logic session i just have to line up the beginning of his files to the beginning of my project. We go back and forth like this until it is done. This is the easy way but only one of you is mixing. The other just adds tracks and gives feedback. 

Also: make sure your collaborator does not bake in any EQ, Reverb, Delay etc. you need to have options when mixing. Only essential effects should be baked in like a flanger on a guitar etc.

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