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Plugin parameter maps fine to Smart Controls but shows up as "Global Dirty Flag" in Controller Assignments


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I'm trying to map iZotope Neutron 4 to my midi controller via Controller Assignments. A couple of the key parameters (compressor threshold, etc) are showing up as Parameter: "Neutron 4: Global Dirty Flag" and are un-mapable. Yet these params work fine when mapped to Smart Controls. Can anyone help?

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You can ignore those. Here's what iZotope said about the Global Dirty Flags: 

The 'Global Dirty Flag' parameter is something in your DAW that can be disregarded.

For some plug-in parameters, you can write automation to the track but the DAW will not know that the session file has changed, and will not update the file with the new track automation data when you attempt to save. Essentially, not all plug-in automation data will be saved to the DAW session file automatically.

The addition of the "Global Dirty Flag" parameter will trigger the DAW to know that something in your file has changed so you won't lose any work when saving.

While this may be cosmetically misleading, you can simply ignore the "Global Dirty Flag" parameter anytime you see it. It's there to help make sure you don't lose any work when saving the session. 😀

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