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Random Triggering of note on midi keyboard when doing unrelated things (not the held note problem)


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Hallo! THIs issue is old here but now i can't take it anymore. 


Please check the video.  


Notice that the note pitch varies from time to time: sometimes it is very low, not high

I have this after messing with prefs and CS.


Mac Monterey , Touch Bar 2018

Roland LX 17 Bluetooth, the best keyboard

2 Korg Nano Controls plugged

Fad9 plugged

Stream Deck with Midi in/Out (i checked and there is no feedback to Stream DEck so far. I gonna check if on Stream DEck some weird button is active, sending note to piano)







lates work 


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If you Bypass All Control surfaces, does that solve your issue?

If so, that mean there is a problem with your control surfaces or their assignments.

By experience, I know that Logic could behaves oddly when there are different kinds of control surfaces installed and/or active at once in the Control Surface Setup. Sometimes just their relative disposition could create idiosyncrasies. 

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I solved the issue this way:


I left only the keyboard plugged and tested with alls prefs reseted. No problem. Then I loaded my prefs again, and started deleting the key command one by one, that were assigned to this keyboard. Unfortunely the video has no sound, but you will get it: after I deleted the LINK key command assigned to keyboard, I solved the issue.  Always when changing views I got this weird piano sound for example. But after this no sound.  It may be a bug or some midi feedback bettwen the key commands; i have to check if I did some duplicates. Anyway the idea o pressing to change views and sounding a note is weird. And always when i close logic it happens as well, or when i start: it has to do with the recognition of the CS. Now I closed Logic and not weird sound.


THe questio n for me is to understand this, since I want to keep my control assignment.


****And again: PLEASE APPLE to a total new intelligent update regarding midi learning and CS! Too obcusre and demanding!!! The coolest part of such app is the customisation and programming!



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But when I started Logic again it sounds all again! This makes it way more weird. It is hard to tell when I definitely solve it. I gonna delete all assignments to keyboard. But see, then I cant use it as it is meant to be.....! 



Another thing: exactly for troubleshooting like this it is NEEDED some search box in the assigments window, to search all key commands assigned to one device. Principally because automatic midi learning messes up with the organization of the key commands in "folders" or categories. Imagine someone who has 5 devices and then suddenlhas to deal with this...

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I found some duplicates assigned to same key command. It may have to do with this. Again: because the organization is not so clear, and requires me memorizing what i did for each cs. Ideally would be to type a key command or device in the search to know exactly the whole status. NOt "learned" or some obscure information.


on the key commands window is there a (!) showing conflicts. I will also check this.  I miss the same feature for the assignments window. NOt always i press the key and it shows alll assignments of that key, just one; so if it has more than one else where assigned to same key this may cause a mistake.



I gone through a CS hell this year, this is only the dessert ;)  So far I don´t know sho uses two same Korg Nano COntrols and still a third cs that has no app updated anymore haha And they I added stream deck midi to complicate later and...catastrophe. But so i learned to master this part of Logic (as it is humanly possible, pls make it more friendly....not only logic. Yes it is cold logic!)

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After going back and forward and then deleted all assignments to midi keyboard , I can tell for sure: Roland LX 17 somehow does not like to assign keys/note on to key commands. I tested again with "next track" and again started the weird sound.


I also discovered that the sound is the same as the assigned key. Makes sense! duh  🙄 


Anyway the issue is there: i can´t use the thing as it is meant to be?  Is a great idea to use an octave of a 88 keyboard as cs.


And this random sound is not constant: sometimes it is not there, even with the same prefs loaded.


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