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Automate Speed Up Playback Effect?


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I'm trying to find a way to automate speeding up the playback of an audio file gradually to intentionally put it out of tune. Logic's speed up and slow down options aren't what I'm looking for, because it's just a sound affect of something speeding up or slowing down and it can't be automated. I've seen many variations on this with other plug ins. 

I want to actually keep the melodic content, start it at the original tempo, and speed it up bit by bit. 

This is the final stage in a film score I'm doing, so the tracks have been recorded already. The final cue is a montage of past material that I'm splicing, and I want it all to gradually speed up. 

Any help is much appreciated.


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7 hours ago, Martinjohanlo said:

Thanks! Do you mean the master tempo? I want to keep the master tempo and increase the speed of one specific audio file. How would you do that?

To automate one specific audio file, the only solution I know is to make a separate session for the single file and speed up the file there in the way described. Then import the adjusted track to the original session. 

I’d love a simpler solution, but that’s what I’ve had to do in the past. 

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