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Controller Assignments only going one direction


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I'm using an A&H Qu-16 and Logic 10.5.1. I've assigned the release on my compressor to a knob on my board, but I can only get the parameter to move left to right. The only work around I've come up with is to also assign another knob to it, but change the multiply to -1. How do I get one knob to move things left and right? 

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If you need help with individual specific messages, you'll need to post some detail - what is the plugin/parameter you are trying to control, what is the MIDI message that your knob is sending to Logic, and what your current assignment is (ie a screengrab of your parameters in the controller assignments window.).

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Thanks. As I said, I'll need to know the MIDI message your knob is sending (it could be a regular 7-bit CC, or it could be relative increments left and right, or various other formats depending on your controller). You have no MIDI message displayed in the screenshot because you've grabbed a "no message received" assignment, so I can't see the MIDI message, or what bytes Logic is interpreting as the value, which is then processed via the value section into the parameter to control on your plugin...

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