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M1 Optimization / Large Orchestral Projects Overload


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Not sure if this video has been posted before but found this very informative for Logic Pro X Optimization on M1.    Had a large orchestral project that kept crapping out with system overloads.   In checking for solutions ran across this most informative video about how Logic CPU utilization actually works.   I had no idea about a lot of this, ex.. I thought pushing Samples to 1024 was going to have a huge impact on running large orchestral projects, it really didn't help very much at all.   I also thought the CPU Utilization meter in Logic was showing total CPU Utilization, in fact it is only showing Logic Pro X CPU utilization.  Your system could be bogged down running other programs and the CPU meter would show little activity in Logic if open.   

In addition I have been running in Rosetta mode which hasn't been a problem until now with this large project.    I have hesitated to remove Rosetta checkbox as East West Spaces II is not M1 compatible yet.   Most of my plugins are M1 compatible but several are not.    According to the information in the video, you can run in native mode and everything native will run native, and, everything not native Logic will figure out and run in Intel Mode.    This does work, opened the project in native mode, EW Spaces 2 popped up a couple errors, Clicked OK a couple times and the project opened with EW Spaces working fine.  In fact, after changing settings to the recommendations in the video, my project not only runs without system overloads but has even a bit more headroom to spare.




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12 hours ago, Dragonwind said:

Thanks for sharing.  However I do rung Logic in native mode and still run spaces II


Yes, that was one of the points in the video, that you CAN run EW Spaces II or other non-M1 compatible plugs in Logic Pro Native mode.    I did not know that so was pointing it out for others that may be having issues with System Overloads on M1.   

Did some testing last night and when I switch my large test project back to Rosetta mode it never does make it through the project without numerous overloads while in Native mode it works flawlessly.    I think the reason I had this  assumption about needing to run Rosetta if any plugins were not M1 compatible was that my EW Spaces II was crashing Logic.   Some time later EW released an update for Spaces II, which I applied, but I never did try it in native mode after that update so that may be where the disconnect happened.  


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