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Lock Midi Note Positions Relative to Region?

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Is there a way to lock midi note positions relative to the region they are in (rather than the project), allowing the region to be moved with the notes keeping their positions within the region? This would enable locking in changes made when using a groove track with some regions while using a different groove track with other regions.

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Not sure to understand here...

Normally, if you don't edit a region's beginning or end position relative to one another, the events within that region will keep their relative positions to the region's border.

You could verify same by moving the region on the time line after enabling Relative Position within the Event List editor local View menu:

  • View > Relative Position: Causes the event positions to refer to their relative positions within the MIDI region (their distance from the start of the MIDI region), rather than to their absolute location within the project.

If you SMPTE lock some of the (Note) events within the region, the above would no longer apply. Locked notes will remains faithful to the timegrid regardless of the region's position (to the timegrid).

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Thanks for your response Atlas007. Sorry that my question is a bit confusing. I think I tried to be a bit too brief. I'll try to clarify...

I'm experimenting with the Groove Track feature. I've tweaked a drummer track to find a groove and would like to use it as a groove track, including for multi-out midi drum tracks (Addictive Drums 2 for drums and BFD3 for cymbals).

However, I want to preserve some discrepancy between 'almost simultaneous' hits (eg. so kick, snare and hats don't fall on exactly the same position).

Each of my multi-out drum tracks has regions containing only notes for the particular drum/cymbal (ie. regions of only kick on the kick track, etc).

I can convert the drummer track to midi and then into a seperate midi region for each of the drums/cymbals.

I would like to be able to apply the groove from the drummer-generated hats track to my programmed hats track, lock the notes within my hats regions, and then apply the groove from the drummer-generated snare track to my programmed snare track (and so on...). This way, I'd get the groove while keeping some discrepancy between almost simultaneous hits.

I can SMPTE lock each of the notes when the arrangement is settled but it would be handy if I could just lock the position of notes within regions and then be able to move the regions (keeping the notes in place relative to the regions).



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4 hours ago, sart said:

be able to move the regions (keeping the notes in place relative to the regions).

This is still confusing because moving a region does keep its notes in place, relative to the region.

EDIT: I think I got it now. I overlooked the Groove Track part. What you want is not SMPTE lock, but Apply Quantization Permanently (key command ctrl-Q). So as soon as your regions have the groove applied, simply select all regions on the track, do Apply Quantization Permanently, and then uncheck the Match Groove track checkbox for that track.

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