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Mac restore goes wrong. What next?


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What follows is probably a good description of what not to do, but we live and learn. It’s really not Logic help I need, but Mac help. I’m not on any Mac forums so I thought I’d ask here first - a place where I trust the answers


It all started with David’s new book …

a- Davids book asks you to reset logic’s preferences

b- I wasn’t crazy about that idea so I backed up my Mac via time machine (on 7/4) so I could go back if I wanted to.

c- after a day or 2 I realized that I could just create a new user acct on my Mac and go through the book there so I decide to use time machine to go back

d- I’m not sure how, but somewhere I was steered towards migration assistant to get me back. I think that was a mistake

e- I open migration assistant and click all the boxes to be restored

f- At first things seemed to be going well. Gave an eta of 10 hrs. I checked in on it once or twice before bed and everything was moving along.

g- 18 hours later I finally got back to it and it’s stalled out like you see in the pic.

h- after another few hours things hadn’t changed (same number of transferred files). I figure my only option is to cancel the operation.

i- the next thing the Mac does is to walk me through the setup for a new user acct. (except that it remembered it was me). First time through it hangs up on wether I want light/dark mode. I used the power button to restart. The second time through it did hang up there again, but eventually I got the user acct opened and here I am.


Here’s my questions:

1- Since I had to cancel the migration assistant operation. Should I be worried about the affect this may have on my Mac or any of its files?

2- Is there something I did wrong while initiating the restore process? I was just trying to return the Mac to the state it was in on the day I did the backup (7/4) not much has changed on the Mac in that time (having thought through it a bit more I wonder if I should’ve made a “disk image” and restored from that)

3- Is it possible to use that time machine backup to get back to where I was on 7/4 or do I just need to start fresh and pull files from the backup? (There wasn’t a ton of stuff on my Mac. 600g or so ((much of it still saved in other locations)) , but all in a couple of Logic Folders and my Music media folder)

3.5- If I do need to start fresh, how should I prepare the iMac for that process? It seems like I’m already there (none of my data or settings survived, but Logic and UA drivers and software are to be there), but since it started out as a different operation … ?


My theory (it’s not a great theory) is that the Mac was replacing all the files, and instead of doing that one at a time, it stated to do it on the empty drive space before it deleted any of the original files, and it hung up when it ran out of room (surprised there wasn’t a pop up that said “this install will take up ….) … I think I had about 600gb on my 1tb drive so the status bar backs up my theory. Now that I’ve got the machine running again, it shows the drive as empty (that’s not the intended result!). Admittedly, I should have spent some time learning about time machine first. I haven’t had to use the app much


Thanks if you got through all of that. I’d appreciate any help or opinions I can get at this point.


Mac reboot.pages

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