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Can you start/stop playing between locators with midi controller?


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I have been using logic pro X for a while, but I am not a pro. We are using it to record and play backing tracks.

I was wondering, is it possible to use a midi controller pad to start playing at a given location by only pressing 1 button on the pad and use another button on the pad to stop playing.

The idea is:

We have a project with 5 songs, song 1 starts at bar 2, songs 2 at bar 100, song 3 at bar 200 etc. Is it possible to program the first button on the pad to "start playing at the bar 2", the second button on the pad to "start playing at the bar 100", etc, you got the idea. Also having 1 other button to stop playing.

If doing both with 1 button is not possible, but you can use 1 button to position the cursor at bar X and use another button to "play", that would totally work as well.

Any help is welcome

Thank you




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You could create a Marker at every position you want to jump to and then use Controller Assignments to assign the key commands for "Goto Marker 1", "Goto Marker 2", etc., to the buttons (and the Stop key command to the last one) like e.g. this example which would use the note C1 coming from theKomplete Kontrol keyboard to jump to Marker 1


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