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I wanted to restore my Mac from a few days old time machine backup, but that didn't work out for me. (most of the gory details). Now I find myself having to rebuild my user acct (looks like I have to manually add all the files, and redo the preferences on all apps). Should I do anything else (disk repair, reinstall the OS and all apps, etc) first? Things seem to be working OK, but since migration assistant failed me I thought that perhaps there was some issue that I might be able to address before moving forward.

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Reinstall the OS and all your apps first. I've found unless you're restoring things like documents, pics and etc. things can be a bit more complicated during an attempt to restore from a backup unless its a restoring a fully functional cloned backup known without issues.

Probably not you'd want to hear but my experience has shown that the Migration assistant isn't always the best route to take either. I just had a similar experience and everything seemed to "kinda" work at first but then other anomalies began to surface. Reinstalling the OS and then all apps is a sure winner.

My 2 cents dropped.

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None that I can think of. You could minimally consider disk organization (partitioning), disk diagnostics to ensure there are no physical issues and etc. Those certainly wouldn't be bad ideas but that's a subjective decision. I would recommend a full backup with a program like CCC after you've got everything reinstalled and confirmed working... to have with your Time machine backups.

That way if everything ever goes south again, you won't have to do all the ground up work again to get to a stable point before your Time machine restores.

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