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Copy multiple region cuts & region gain information from one audio file to an updated (new) audio file?

Alexander Cox

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I am working with a 60min (dialogue) audio file in Logic, and creating music cues alongside this inside a Logic (10.6.3) project.

This dialogue file has many variations in loudness, and in order to work with it, I am chopping it into regions and increasing / decreasing the level to be somewhat consistent before compressing/processing etc. This file is converted from an MP3 and I will at some point soon receive a new AIFF/WAV file of this audio and would like to link the new high quality file to all the regions and 'clip-gain' info that I have made with the MP3. Is there a good way to simply relink an audio file in Logic? To just chose a new file for logic to reference as opposed to re-slicing and re applying all the gain information?

Any advice here is appreciated. I have had a few other instances where relinking a bit of audio would be useful, and it doesn't seem that logic has an easy way to do it. Or have I missed something?

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3 hours ago, Alexander Cox said:

Is there a good way to simply relink an audio file in Logic

No, there isn't. Here is how to do it:

- quit Logic

- navigate to the old file in Finder

- add "-old" to the old file's name

- put the new file in the same folder

- name it precisely like the old file, without "-old"

- open the Project

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Tip of the month. And I needed to be reminded of this this very second.

Also: when you then opened you're project after doing those steps, you could from within Logic rename that new audio file again to whatever it was before. If you really know what you're doing and know about all the consequences! Then in the Finder remove the "-old" from the filename back to its original name.


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