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Problem with MIDI Emagic Unitor 8 interface


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Hello, I'm new here.

I recently purchased a Sequential Take 5 analog synth and had my old Roland JP-8000 and Virus rackmount repaired. The Roland and Access Virus are "kind of" working as far as syncing to Logic's clock. Sometimes with the Virus I'll find a nice arpeggiator patch but when I hit "record" in Logic the arpeggiator goes NUTS and goes into this hyper speed mode. No idea what the deal is there. The Sequential is not working at ALL as far as its arpeggiator and step sequencer. I've tried reaching out to Sequential support but haven't heard anything back.

I've watched countless videos and discussions online about how to send Logic's clock to external devices however none is helping me currently. I've gone into Logic's MIDI Sync Project Settings and checked the "clock" box and assigned the correct MIDI port to each synth but still the Sequential seems to not be receiving clock messages from Logic. In the Sequential manual it states: "With in and in thru modes, if no MIDI clock is present at the selected input, the Arpeggiator and Sequencer will not function." So to me this logically means no MIDI clock is present for the Sequential.

I am using a very old Emagic Unitor 8 MIDI interface and I wonder at times if maybe there is an issue with the interface itself?

Thanks for any help! 


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You might have filtered MIDI clock on the interface, so check it's settings, or do a factory reset if it's available.

You can use tools like Snoize's MIDI Monitor to make sure Logic is sending MIDI clock to the MIDI ports you expect, and you can loopback a cable from a Unitor8 MIDI out back to a MIDI in and monitor that input to make sure clock is being received back in. If so, you know the interface is transmitting clock as expected, and therefore you need to look to your receiving device for the problem.

You can also try a different MIDI interface if you have one (eg, MIDI ports on your audio interface etc).

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