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TouchOsc<>Logic Pro


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I would like to set up a 'bidirectional' connection between TouchOsc on my iPad and Logic Pro. (I wish to use customised templates in TouchOsc btw). The behaviour I hope for is that when I press stuff on the iPad that Logic responds, and that when I send MIDI to Logic from other controllers (a MIDI keyboard and footpedal), there is visual feedback in TouchOsc. So far I can only get this working from TouchOsc>Logic.
Does anyone have experience of setting something like this up? - if so any advice welcome
Thanks in advance


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Thanks @ravez there's sure some useful stuff in there. I could do with more detail on the actual connections required rather than the usage as he skips through that part rather quick (and refers to a previous video which shows a different way to connect) but have figured out a few things anyway so thanks for the pointer - really helpful 👍

btw my original question was about MIDI in two directions (as opposed to OSC) so to get this working I needed to add a new instrument to the environment connected to the OSC Bridge MIDI Out, and cable all relevant objects to that sp they pass their MIDI back to TouchOSC. Haven't been in the environment for some time but soooo glad to see it's still there :)

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