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A way to sync Logic with a video editing app?


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31 minutes ago, FLH3 said:

I usualy get "visions" from sounds and get some musical ideas from images. I'm sure it's quite common, actualy. As a media composer you work on images from others and get musical ideas to help/emphasis/improve them.

Yeah, I get it! At one point earlier in my video career I also did a lot of directing/shooting/design/visual art and even had the opportunity to do some cool After Effects visuals for concerts and the like. I used to have a lot of fun combining my ideas for visual art and sonic art; and even now although I don't really shoot or create motion graphics like I used to, I definitely "hear" visuals and "see" sounds if you will, where the two worlds collide. Having that sense for both probably helped me a lot cutting music videos in particular. Nowadays I've decided to focus just on sound, but while yours is an unusual request I definitely don't think it's that crazy ;) 

22 minutes ago, FLH3 said:


Maybe it will be too much for my poor little brain but I'ld like to have a try.

Just to know if I'm the Richard Wagner of the 3rd millenium. :)

Or Not.


Haha, that's the spirit. Hope you figure it out, I'd love to see pictures and updates if you ever get it working for you!

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