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Finder goes to the Beach (Ball)


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I know this isn't a LOGIC question, but this is my source for real solutions.  My finder keeps going "Beach Ball" on me.  I can open some applications, but if I try to involve finder (for example, opening a recent Logic Document) nothing happens.  If I hover my mouse over the desk top: beach ball.  I've relaunched, restarted etc.  Yet, here I am on Safari, which works, my mail works.. all as long as I don't involve FINDER.  I'm on MOJAVE (have pity on my trusty if ancient Mac Pro Tower)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Dan Rad

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Thank you again for your quick responses. I couldn't get the computer to boot while holding the shift key.  I tried twice, finally force shutting down the computer and rebooting.  Same issue.  Any other ideas? One last bit of info. Finder "tries" to access drives or files, but it will either "beach ball" (requiring a force relaunch which just starts the pattern again) or a total reboot.  Then starting the pattern again.

It will "Look" for information on drives or in folders and then I get the rotating "Gear"

Like this:

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 1.04.22 PM.png

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Thank you to the fine members of this community who offered solutions.  

Through trial and error (emphasis on ERROR) I discovered that one of my main internal drives with data scattered all over the place seems to have become corrupted (probably by drugs and alcohol)  Once removed, the computer functions fine (so far) and so TIME MACHINE I think is saving me as I copy various files to a new drive. This was not a system drive and it is a drive with a disk.  

So I'm copying info from that to an external SSD and hopefully that will fix it.  Thank the digital wizards for Time Machine.  


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