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I am done selling on Reverb - a saga

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I sold a like new MT-15 a few days ago on Reverb as I am moving to "in the box" amp sims.

I had only used the amp a handful of times and it was in perfecting working condition.

I just received a refund request informing me that the amp's circuit board had been "modded" and that some of the LED's that light the amp are not working.

This is total BS. In no way was this amp ever opened as, if I ever did decide to open an amp up, I'd likely be electrocuted. Moreover, I posted photos of the amp's LED's all working just moments before I packed it up and waited for a buyer.

Is this a new scam? Buyer's remorse? Never experienced this on Reverb and it seems that, from everything I have read on TGP, that Reverb is ultimately going to side with the buyer (waiting to hear from customer service).

Reverb used to be amazing but it appears as if the scam artists are taking over. I am de-listing the couple of items I still have for sale thereon. I'm done!

Chat transcript with Reverb customer service:


Chat transcript with Reverb customer service:


Here are the pics I took of the LED's working right before packing it:



I see where this is headed (FYI I have yet to see this alleged "documentation" - the amp was basically brand new - sat on a desktop and used only a handful of times):


Look at this insanity...

Email I just received from Reverb (and the image they sent of the circuit board):



Here is my email response to Reverb:


and my supplemental email to Reverb:


I just sent another email to Reverb:


Waiting to hear back but it appears as if the handwriting is on the wall and I am going to have to eat proverbial **** on this

F Reverb!!!


I also just sent Reverb this photo of the back of the amp - which I assume will do nothing to sway Reverb at all:



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I am shocked at how this turned out and also disappointed in what it means for sellers and buyers in the future as, apparently, you can basically own a broken piece of gear, order it on Reverb, take the parts you need then claim the gear you ordered was "damaged" or "modded" and Reverb will let you keep the gear and reimburse you (although, they are allowing me to keep the funds as well) - it seems it's a scammer's world out there and the "good guys" are merely along for the ride at the whim of the middle man (Reverb):



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Someone tried to pull the same thing with me on eBay Classifieds. I had a mint Gibson SG Classic, the one with the P-90s, up for sale. As the model is not in production, or at least not shipped here, my asking price was higher, by an entirely reasonable amount. The guitar must've been a fluke, because it was perfect out of the box. First and only time that ever happened to me with Gibsons. I sold it because I hardly played it. 
so, this guy dogged me starting in Sept. of last year, very curt, basically demanding me to lower my price, which I kept declining to do. This went on sporadically through autumn 2021, until December, when he decided to go for it. He paid for it via PP, and as it was our first transaction, the payment was held up. We got it, and I shipped him the guitar. Before I did, I gave it a very thorough checkup. It was immaculate and the electronics were fine. Was going to shoot video, dismissed my reservations about the guy as paranoia, but just packed it up well. I've done this literally more times than I can remember. I do it right. This time, I left my return address off the box. It is a good thing I did, because he said one of the pickups wasn't working, he wanted his money back, he got increasingly belligerant. But he was a fraudster. I suggested 2 remedies. A) it's probably a loose wire, if anything. Easy fix, right? B) sending it to a certified expert luthier whom it is my good fortune to know, who will repair it very reasonably for him. He argued he 'didn't know how' to check these kinds of things. Lie. On his eBay Classifieds page, he was selling guitar parts, like tele pickguards, Epiphone P-90s….wait…backup…he knew all about taking guitars apart.

If he'd had my address, it would've been a fait compli. The guitar would've been sent back here, 'broken' meanwhile he'd have the Gibson P-90s, and he would've gone after me with PP. I pointed out all his lies, and inconsistencies, and that I had a pro behind me, and my next step was to bring in the police because I'd had a very rough year, and I was in no mood for his bullshit. He folded like a pair of pants when I said 'Polizei.'

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