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Unable to hear recorded tracks while interface is plugged in

Brian Lynn
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I have recorded two drum tracks. They play back fine until I plug in the interface. I have assigned the inputs and outputs to correspond with the interface (Focusrite 2 channel or ProFx mixer interface) and I can see that sound is making it through the interface. So I am unable to hear the recorded tracks while recording new tracks with the interface. I have used an older version of Logic with a 2010 MacBook Pro for years and have never had this problem. Several months ago I bought a brand new iMac (2019 but brand new out of the box), updated the OS to Monterey and purchased the newest version of Locic Pro (version 10.74). Because it happens with both interfaces, it seems that it is a Logic issue, not a Focusrite or ProFx issue. Your help would be greatly appreciated, forum. Thank you in advance.

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Hey there, triplets, thank you ( if you are responding to my query). 

Interface is already plugged in (USB port), open up project, on track being used for audio recording, press the Input monitoring and Record buttons (flashing in standby mode) then press Record button at top of project. Not only do I not hear the other tracks that had been recorded, I'm also not getting the track being recorded (even though Input monitoring has been pressed).


Thank you

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Right. I use the 1/8th inch headphone jack on the back of the iMac with headphones while recording and I use the same jack for my studio speakers (stereo rca to 8th inch).

This situation worked on my MacBook Pro (headphone jack) for the last 12 years, still does. Not sure what is different. The signal flow is disrupted at some level.

I have two different interfaces I have been using through this trouble shooting program. The same situation occurs no matter if it is my ProFX Mackie mixer or the 2 channel, 2nd gen Focusrite Scarlett. I bring this up because I noticed that, with the mixer as interface, I can turn the mixer off (but leave it plugged into the iMac USB port) and I do hear the project. Once I power up the mixer, thus engaging the interface (I think??), the project sound goes mute. 


I don't if that helps but I will keep trying. Thank you for your continued assistance, keep it coming if you don't mind. Cheers.

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I thought so.

The general idea is that, when using an interface, you use it both for incoming signals (mic and line signals) and for outgoing signals (speakers and headphones).

You can leave the interface connected and switched on at all times, with speakers and headphones conected to it and you're set. You're not earning anything by switching off the interface other than the computer not seeing it and switching to its internal I/O device, forcing you to follow with your speaker and headphone cabling.

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