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How to stop Controller Assignments duplicating


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Hi there,

I'm trying to work out why my midi keyboard keeps duplicating in the controller assignments on logic?

I assume i'm using it like everyone else, it's plugged in via usb and then i play when needed.

Also If i don't check the assignments window then it can build up to a huge list of the same keyboard, very frustrating as it slows logic down.





Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 16.48.33.png

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Maybe it's MIDI port ID is changing, so it's detected as a new device in Logic, and a new set of assignments is created for it. I don't know what a "Q25" is, but maybe it's worth seeing if this is a common problem with that controller or driver?

As a workaround you could always set up your assignments as you need without the Q25 installed, and lock the CS preference file so it can't be saved/changed. That way, every time you start Logic, it will see a Q25 and add it, but not save those assignments - that way you don't end up with dupes.

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3 hours ago, kg2304 said:

So i do this on the project file? It's not something you can lock in Logic itself?

You do this in the Finder: 

  1. Hold down Option while you click the Go menu. 
  2. Choose Library. 
  3. Inside the Library folder, go in the Preferences folder and select com.apple.logic.pro.cs.
  4. Press Command-I. 
  5. Change the Sharing & Permissions settings as desired. 
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