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Setting up 'Cut Time' time signature


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Logic Pro experts:

I have set up 'Cut Time' as described below.  I am getting the 2 metronome clicks per bar that I was looking for. 

Cut Time:
Set the metronome to 'group' only (turn off beat, bar, division)
Set 'beat grouping' in Time signature settings to 2+2.  The other time signature settings are as per usual for 4/4;  number of beats 4, note value 4
you need to make these changes at bar 1 of your project (or what ever bar number you are using for the start of your project)

Appreciate any comments on this method ?  Is this correct, or is there a better method...?

thanks for any feedback

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I'm no expert on this subject but I think Cut Time is generally for changing the pulse of the piece and simplifying notation, i.e., making it cleaner.   So if you want your notation to reflect Cut Time you would set your time signature for 2/2, 4/2, etc....generally for music with a faster tempo.    

The result in 2/2 would be that a quarter note becomes a half note,  eight notes becomes a quarter note, a sixteenth notes becomes an eight note.   Easier for the reader, conductor, and notator to have less busy notation.   Otherwise you are still playing in 4/4 time or can count in 4/4 time.    I would think you are looking at a half-time feel if you are leaving your signature at 4/4.

There are some experts on notation here on the Forum so hopefully they will chime in.



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Thanks for you comment.

The tune I am working on is approx 160 bpm, but you feel the pulse as cut time at 80 bpm.  I would like the Logic Pro bars to be at 160 bpm, but would like the metronome to click away at 80 bpm.  I have achieved this with the method I described.  I just want to know if this is a good method to get the Cut time metronome click, or whether people use a different method.  

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