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Beat Mapping - Not auto-adjusting when deleting a tempo mark.


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Hi All,

Been having an issue for a while which is driving me insane.

I have a piano audio file recorded live so the tempo is not consistent. My job is to orchestrate over the top of it then smooth out the tempo as best as possible. I've got it into Logic and beat mapped out each bar, I've done the orchestration, however, when I want to delete some of the transients logic does not automatically adjust the tempos so that the rest of the music remains in sync with the bar position. Instead, all of the transients just move off the beat and are all consistently out of time. If I move a beat to line up with a different transient, the tempo automatically updates, just not when I delete.

Logic didn't used to behave this way so I'm sure it's just a button I've pressed but I cannot for the life of me work it out.

I've tried locking and unlocking SMPTE position.

Any thoughts?



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IIRW, beatmapping in Logic requires to proceed from beginning to end (from onward). I.e., if one has proceeded beat mapping up to bar 7, trying to edit some mapping at bar (i.e.) 3, might  disalign the mapping after bar 3, which will require adjustment(s) thereafter.

Instead of beat-mapping, have you considered using Smart Tempo?Smart Tempo was designed to do (among other things) the same job (than beat-mapping), but automatically. Smart Tempo also features more user-friendly tool and represent an improvement to deal with tempo handling.

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Thanks for your reply,

I'm 99% sure that previously the beat mapping did auto adjust to ensure the remainder of the piece stayed in line with the existing beat pattern. I believe it is just a setting which has been changed or reset somewhere.

I mainly work with software instrument tracks, not audio ones, so I will have to have a look and see if Smart Tempo will be a suitable workaround.


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I am experiencing exactly the same problem and it is driving me nut!  Many of the projects I have been working on require me to tempo map to very intricate songs with lot of tempo and time signature changes that does not work well with smart tempo.  After having painstakingly Beatmapping the entire songs I sometimes find some mistakes I have made in the earlier parts of the songs but if I ever delete any earlier beat markers it would completely throw any following markers out of sync.

Is there no way to solve this problem?  I have tried everything I can think of.

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When using Smart Tempo, better results are obtained when proceeding with regions, one at the time, instead of a long stretch.

In the same mindset, also dividing the long stretch into regions according to the (drastic) tempo's and time signature's changes is important to obtain more reliable Smart Tempo analysis and results.

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Unfortunately there's no solution for this, but to be fair: 

  • Logic has always behaved this way. 
  • It's the nature of the beast, and there's no other (obvious) way Logic could behave.

Because the tempo directly affects the speed of the playhead, and is intrinsically tied to the grid, adjusting a tempo value affects how events locked to SMPTE to the right of that tempo change are aligned to the grid. 

Here's a lengthy discussion on this behavior and potential solutions that could be implemented - but will likely never see the light of day given that Logic's internal clock is based on a bar/beat MIDI sequencer foundation. 

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Thankyou for the replies.  At least now I know it is not some settings that I have missed, and can stop banging my head against the wall trying to find out what I have done wrong!

One possible remedy for the situation (after messing up the following syncing markers by deleting an added (earlier) marker) is to re-line up a following transient to the correct beat, and then delete it again.  This would move and "mess up" all the following markers again, but in fact would put the rest of the song markers to their original correct places.  This had worked on my current project and saved me tons of time not having to beatmap he entire song again.  Slight drifting happened and I just redid the same procedure a couple more times further on and overall it had worked quite well.

Would be interested to know if anyone else might have tried this and found it helpful. 🙂

And I would definitely try out Atlas007's tips on dividing the song into multiple regions before using Smart Tempo.  Thankyou!

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