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Pop, Clicks problems when stop playback pressing the spacebar

Federico 18

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Do you have an other way than spacebar to stop playback, like a MIDI controler for instance?

(obviously to determine where the problem could come from, spacebar use, logic, etc...

Click & pops just on stop? Never on the playback itself?

Does it happen with all your projects? Just one?

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Here I don't have unfortunately a midi keyboard, just at home. It happens on stop pause and sometimes in the beginning when I start. I really weird . I did a bounce in place and you could hear the click at the beginning of the sound and that's bad cause I can't record..  I don't know if it is a problem with the news mac m1 pro maybe and Logic 

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Does it happen with all your projects?

Does it happen with virtual MIDI instruments or audio tracks? Both?

If you solo one of your track does it happen on this track only but not on the others?

Does it happen on each soloed track?

I've found that the best way to fix something is to funelling. Begin little part by little part, trying to determine where the problem is lying.

Most of the time you discover that the problem is not "in Logic" or "in the computer" but is in a particular track (audio or MIDI) either in the data themselves or in the virtual instrument or un  an FX plugin.

So empty projects and solo buttons are your best allies in your investigation.


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