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Problem: BIP of Flex-Pitch Vocals = Unflexed Audio File ???

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I am having difficulty with Flex-Pitch and would like to ask for help. I have tuned vocals using Logic's Flex-Pitch, and I want to Bounce In Place (BIP) that *Flexed* audio file so I can retain the Pitch Changes for the track without having to activate Flex-Pitch on that track. The problem is that whenever I BIP the Flex-Pitch audio file, the BIP audio that Logic produces on the new track is the original / raw file and it does not retain the Flex-Pitch changes. They are exactly like they were before flex pitch. How can I BIP my Flex-Pitch Vocals and have the BIP file retain the Flex-Pitch changes???

I have tried "solutions" that worked for people on other forum posts like freezing the track and changing Freeze Mode to Source or Pre-Fader, but the problem is persisting for me.

Caveat: Normally, I would just leave the Flex Pitch file "as is" in the project, and not bounce it. However, it appears that Logic is giving me problems if I have Flex-Pitch activated on more than 1 or 2 channels: Whenever I try to activate it on a 2nd or 3rd channel to also use Flex-Pitch, Logic speeds up the audio tempo of that track (and shrinks) the file's time length that I'm trying to Flex-Pitch so it sounds like Alvin and the Chimpunks. I don't know if these problems are related, but if Logic would let me Flex-Pitch more than 2 or 3 channels at a time, I would just do that.

Has anyone else experienced this before, or know how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance for your help.





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@triplets Thanks for the idea. I just reset my Logic Pro Preferences, and even "deleted" them but the problem is still happening.

@Atlas007 Thanks, I am upgrading my Mac now and will plan to upgrade Logic as well, I can update how it results.

For your reference, I attached a screenshot of the issue. The top portion is the Audio File that I've tuned with Flex Pitch, the bottom portion is the BIP with Flex-Pitch turned on. The analysis of the BIP track shows the Flex-Pitch changes were discarded somehow.

Thanks for your help.

Logic SS - Flex Pitch issue.png

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One other update: I am still having problems having my BIP track retain Flex Pitch changes, but I was able to resolve the "Caveat" I wrote about in my original post:

When I turned on Flex Pitch for more than 2 tracks at a time, the tracks would get messed up (voices go high pitch, and the track speeds up 2-3x). I decided to BIP the tracks having this specific problem, and once I did I was able to turn on Flex Pitch for more than 2 tracks at a time without the audio getting distorted. This is good!

I'm thankful that this is a way forward so I can keep working on the project. BUT, I also still have my original question because I'd like to "solidify" or "commit" my Flex Pitch changes in a BIP file instead of leaving the Flex Pitch plugin active (and also leaving the files open to "losing" that Flex Pitch tuning I did). 

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Okay, I just finished testing all these things out, but so far Logic is continuing to bypass my Flex-Pitch edits when bipping the file. So I have a vocal track that I tuned the vocals on with Flex Pitch, but the BIP file does not reflect the Flex Pitch, it just has the "raw" or "old" file with it's squiggly-lined vocals.

I reset Logic preferences, deleted logic preferences, upgraded to macOS Monterey 12.5, and upgraded to Logic Pro 10.7.4.

Any other ideas on why my Bounce In Place is ignoring my FlexPitch edits, and Bouncing the raw file?

Thank you!

@Atlas007 @triplets 

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11 hours ago, sparrow2 said:

So I have a vocal track that I tuned the vocals on with Flex Pitch, but the BIP file does not reflect the Flex Pitch, it just has the "raw" or "old" file with it's squiggly-lined vocals.

Are you just looking at the graphs or are you actually listening to the tuned vocals in the bip files?

Because Flex will analyze the bounced file again and it won't show you the exact same graph again. It will be different in the graph, but it should be in tune.

So use your ears, not your eyes. Do they sound in tune or not?

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@triplets Wow, great question and insight. I just bipped a small vocal region, and listened to it simultaneously with the original Tuned Vox, and they're identical. Meaning - you're right that Logic actually *IS* bipping the Flexed file correctly. I assumed the Flex Pitch analysis would look identical since they're identical files, which is what threw me off when Logic's Flex Pitch analysis of the bipped file was *visually* different from the original. 

Thanks all for going down the rabbit trail with me. When the issue persisted after erasing preferences, upgrading OS, and upgrading Logic, I started to feel it might be user error like this. Thanks so much, I believe this is resolved.


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If what triplets saying is correct that seems wrong on Logics part as a bounced flexed region even when re analyzed should be exactly like the flexed audio right?

...He is correct though.  I just bip my flexed vocals and they're flexed! I just shut off the track flex button without looking because that has bugged me for hours today.  Im a visual person and would love to see Logic change that cuz some of us like to verify visually before moving on.

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