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Is there a "Go To Arrangement Number" Key Command?


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I am using Logic Pro X to play my Live Backing Tracks. I created Markers to separate the songs and with my Arturia Keylab MKII Controller I can map the Pads to "Go To Marker Number X" when I press a pad, so I can easily move around songs.
Is there a similar Key Command for Arrangement Markers? I would love to use Arrangements to separate the songs as this will allow me to easily move the order of my songs.

Any ideas?

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Since only one set of markers can be displayed at once, you could use a different Marker Set to display either your chord changes, or to display the navigation positions. Unless you manage to make them (positions and chords markers) coincide, you would have to switch between Markers Sets.

If you need both the markers positions and the chord changes to be displayed at once, my workaround is using an empty (MIDI) track (assigned to nothing - no output) and populate it with regions. Each regions being named after the corresponding chord symbol. That way I still have the Markers (to navigate the project, or something else), and the chords changes displayed altogether.

That's a workaround I'm using since Apple removed the Chord track...

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