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Dragging from one LPX project to another


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There are times when I have song ideas that start to deviate. When that happens I sometimes make a copy and work from that new file. But then I need to grab a piece of an idea from the previous file. So I have both files open and I copy something from one to the other. But then things go haywire. The track controls don't work. There's white noise out of nowhere. Multiple kinds of glitches. Inevitably I have to restart Logic altogether.

This blows me away how advanced LPX is and still cannot handle multiple files being open together.

But what has heppened a few times lately is that after things go haywire and I reboot, I open the file again and certain audio regions aren't audible at all. Essentially months of work is now unusable and corrupt. 

Has anyone found ways to fix the corrupted file or regions that no longer play?

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11 minutes ago, smallmultiples said:

Has anyone had this happen and found ways to avoid it?

As @des99 stated: that is notorious… It seems that Logic isn’t a sandbox app… 

The work around depending of the goal is to either use Alternatives (project or track) or import data from another project.

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