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Logic Pro X Quick Sampler- How can I change tempo of a sample without effecting the entire project?


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I just updated to 10.5.1 and love the new sampler and drum machine designer but one issue I'm running into and just can't figure out is the tempo of a sample.. How can I change the tempo of a sample just a little bit without affecting the entire project tempo??

I have a vocal sample in the guick sampler and see I can change pitch and it changes the tempo at the same time. I also see I have the option to turn on flex for this particular sample and it keeps the original tempo. That's great.

I can hit follow tempo of my project to get my sample to be the right speed but...

My issue is I'm trying to slow down my particular sample. I have a longer sample (in flex mode) at my project tempo of 98 bpm on an earlier track. I need to slow down my new sample without changing the pitch but I also can't change the project tempo because it will make my other sample offbeat. Hopefully that makes sense... I want to be able to change the pitch of my vocal sample but also change the tempo of it separately but not effect the project tempo..

What am I missing?? It seems like it should be easy.

Thanks so much!


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Thanks for the reply!

If that's the only way it seems like such a hassle every time to have that many steps. Also for me  it's about hitting the key with the sample on it over and over to the beat while adjusting the speed to get it just right. I wouldn't be able to do that if I pulled to an audio track..

I used to be able to change speed of each sample in geist no problem, The pitch was separate and the speeds also didn't interfere with project tempo.

No option in logic quick sampler? That'd be a bummer. I'm sure people need to do this all the time. Hmmm

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45 minutes ago, UnderRated420 said:

Maybe!!! I've never used that.. mod wheel has to do with the keyboard tho? Not sure i've used it

It's just one other way to do what you're asking: to be able to change the playback speed of the sample in real time (using your physical MIDI keyboard's modulation wheel) while repeatedly triggering it with your keyboard. There are other ways... it all depends what exactly you want to do, but give it a try and let us know? 

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On 7/27/2022 at 8:39 AM, UnderRated420 said:

I need to slow down my new sample without changing the pitch but I also can't change the project tempo because it will make my other sample offbeat

Then putting that sample on a track with Flex enabled is the way to go. You put it where you want it to start, then drag the upper right corner to where it should end, as David suggested earlier. This is a matter of seconds and it specifically does not require to trigger a sample over and over just to hear if its end (which may be 15 seconds away) eventually sits right.

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