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M-Audio Fast Track Pro dead?

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If you already have the unit or can test it:

There’s a chance that it might work as a Class Compliant device, and give you basic functionality without drivers.

The Guitar Center and Sweetwater product pages I could find both state this:

Mac and PC compatible; class compliant with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher*

* 16-bit/48kHz 2 x 4 operation is class-compliant. Driver installation required to access more I/O.

I don’t see any trace of this product on M-Audio’s website, but an archived copy of the user manual on another site states it is Class Compliant with CoreAudio.

If you don’t have the unit/can’t test it:

Save your money, IMO M-Audio is kind of notorious for dropping support for entire lines of their products. Every time I or someone else has reached out to their support about this, the answer is usually  something along the lines of “M-Audio as a company has been bought and sold may times, and each time little to none of the Intellectual Property is handed over. We don’t have the code for these product’s drivers.”

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