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Pops, scratching noises at automation nodes.

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 I’ve been experiencing some unusual glitches with Logic. There seems to be some crackling / scratching sounds at the automation bypass and engage nodes. It’s weird since I've never experienced this in Logic before. It's random and only happens once in a while. I've tried increasing the buffer size and that seems to help a little. 

The file is a vocal track where I engage the echo upon the last word spoken. I've tried moving the nodes to different positions and I get mixed results. I also tried using different echo and delay plugs. Still happens. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Macbook Pro M1 Max 

Monterey 12.5

Logic 10.7.4

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Some plugins will produce sound artifacts (weird noises) when some of their parameters is modified in real time. To avoid that, move the echo Fx to an auxiliary channelstrip and automate the Vocal channelstrip's Send to that auxiliary (echo Fx) channelstrip.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the responses. The plugs in question are Valhalla delay and Delay Designer (Logic). I moved over to Timeless2 and that seems to be working much better. 

As I mentioned before I never encountered this issue before. Is this from a recent update??

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