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Logic line outputs not sending any signal

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Howdy everyone,

First time poster, long time lurker. I need help and this site has been quite helpful over the years.

Hopefully this hasn't been covered as I couldn't find it...

I'm basically just trying to send audio from individual tracks in Logic X (10.7.4) to my tape machine. Like tracks 1-8 in logic to 1-8 on my tape machine. I'm setting the output for each track to line 1 - 8 (Output 3-10, as I'm using an Apollo 8 interface). There's no audio at all coming from the interface. In Logic, the meters for each track indicate audio is playing, but it doesn't seem to be making its way to the interface. Here's a screenshot of the mixer if that helps.

Any thoughts? 

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 5.25.30 PM.png

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Logic is pretty dumb in that regard, meaning that the fault can't be on Logic's side: If you tell Logic to output audio on a certain core audio channel then it will do just that. So the issue is somewhere between the audio driver that handles the audio signal on that core audio channel and the gear connected on the corresponding output on the Apollo. 

I would start by looking in the Apollo 8 software to make sure that you can see the audio coming from Logic to the Apollo software. It's possible that there are settings in that software to toggle those core audio channel on/off or to route them to the desired physical outputs on the interface. 

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Thanks for the quick response and explanation, David! Your help directed me to the UA Apollo console software which I mistakenly had each track output selected as lines 1-8 instead of monitoring. Now that I've switched those track outputs to monitoring, I'm now happily bouncing my tracks to tape.

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