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Synths not showing graphical interface

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Hey everyone! First time poster, sorry if this has been answered before.

I'm a recent convert from FL Studio and I want to use Logic Pro's built-in synths to make my own sounds. However, when I load up a synth (Alchemy or Retro Synth for example), I don't get the kind of graphical interface you see below, with knobs, images, and that sort of thing.


Instead, I get this menu:


What I want is something like the first menu, but what I'm getting is the second. I unfortunately get this result for every single synthesizer—except for EFM1, which occasionally shows its graphical interface the first time I load it in but then loads the black and white menu every time after that.

I'm loading these synthesizers by clicking "add software instrument" and choosing the synth from the drop down. I get the menu when I add the instrument and when I click here:


I'm using a trial version of Logic Pro 10.7.4. on a MacBook Pro. 

Thanks for your help!

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In the flipmenu that says "Controls", click that and select "Editor" view instead.

You might have the accessibility preference set to open all plugins in controls view, so check that: Preferences -> General -> Accessibility, make sure open in controls view is unticked.

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