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Track mute or solo as if grouped, but they are not grouped

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I have a song from LP 9 that I loaded into LP 10.7.4, and I am mysteriously unable to mute or solo individual tracks since they are behaving as if I have selections of tracks grouped. For example, if I mute one drum track, it mutes all drum tracks.

The problem is that the tracks are not really grouped, so I don't know how to ungroup them. Groups are not active and there are no groups in the group section.

Does anyone know what may be going on with this song? Is there a second group function that is not represented in the group section?


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That was it 😀

I haven't looked at this file in 4 years so I'm trying to remember what I was doing. I had setup a virtual version of one of my hardware drum machines, so each track is a separate drum sound but they are all going into the same software instrument to keep the number of instances down since I was using a very limited computer at the time. I did the same thing with several software instruments and forgot that I can't mute individual tracks when it is done this way.


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