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External HDD For Backing Up Mac - Seeking Recommendations


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Hey Folks,

I am going to upgrade my current external 2TB OWC Elite Pro HDD to a larger drive as 1 of my backup drives for my entire system. Before purchasing another OWC drive, I wanted to see if there are any recommendations for other drives that are reliable, quiet and a little cheaper?

I'm running a late 2018 Mac Mini.

If it's helpful, I currently use CCC as my backup program.

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10 minutes ago, triplets said:

Why don't you buy a bare drive and use the OWC enclosure you already have?

How much storage do you need? You don't want cheap when it comes to hard drives.

Didn't think of that!  Are you suggesting purchasing an OWC drive?

I want to upgrade to 5TB

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In my studio my storage setup is:

An 8to + a 10To LaCie external spinning drives for storage and 1To SSDs for my main orchestral libraries (BBCSO and some others).

Everything (libraries, patches, logic projects, etc..) is daily copied to the 2 spinning drives with Smartbackup.

Each of these 2 spinning drives have a partition to host two 1To TimeMachine volumes.

So far it works and I can access to the big libraries from the spinning drives if I want.

I've 3 other old slow spinning drives (500Go, 250Go, 320Go) with an USB base for additional backups.

For my laptop (my holidays/mobile setup), the libraries and various stuffs are on a 4To SSD (copied on a additional 4To spinning drive) and 1To SSD.  Both of them stay usualy connected in the studio thru Smartbackup in order to keep them identical as the studio setup.

The main idea is to keep the laptop as mirrored as possible to main the iMac desktop and to be able to swap from drives to others if there's a problem.

To be better I should have an other big drive in a remote location but I don't like the "clouding system" and I haven't find a way to directly and automaticaly link this to an other place I control and own thru the internet without clouding.

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i always keep things simple.

my 2 macs and an 'archived projects' external drive are all backed up to a 4TB external, and online as well with idrive. the hard drive backup is a mirror only (so if i delete something from my macs, it's deleted on the backup drive... thank u, CCC!). the online backup retains everything.

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