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Logic Midi plug-ins out of tune problem


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Hi everyone,


I have a problem about midi sounds can anyone help me pls??

It cannot load the whole sound library and gives a warning message saying check your internet connection and some of the library is not loaded. When I try to play the sounds loaded in the library, it creates the sound distortion that appears in the video.
As seen in the video, Midi sounds come out of tune momentarily in playback. The same problem, from the simplest plug-ins to kontact plug-in.




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Hi my friend thank you for fast replay , 

I have plug out of keyboard and restart the logic with same project, again same problem.

Ok I think this will helps you;

when I add new track and drag/copy the old track to new track problem is same but when I copied the notes in old track and past new track it is working, it might the keyboard ??

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