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Logic bounce issues

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Hi all,

I have an issue with bouncing audio files from Logic - all of a sudden Logic gets stuck every time I try to bounce out audio (requiring to Force Quit Logic. The only way I've managed to solve this is to realtime bounce (which works), and strangely, after a single real time bounce, bouncing offline seems to work fine!  the issue is that this seems to happen EVERY TIME I open a new Logic project, and obviously is very annoying because I'd rather not use real time bounce at all.

Any troubleshooting advice would be great. Also worth mentioning.. this happened right after I tried to upgrade Logic to the latest version available on the OS (I'm currently on 10.4.4), but an issue with the app store stopped me from going through with the upgrade (the message "would you like to download the latest available version of Logic" kept prompting, even after I press 'download').

Thanks / Help!


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You can make a copy and/or move aside your current version of Logic and then try upgrading to the latest version (which I think requires BigSur Mac OS 11.X).  The release notes may indicate more than a few helpful fixes between Logic 10.4.4 and 10.7.4.  I would certainly try running the latest version you can on your machine.

Logic may not make the best estimate about needed resources on the first bounce after a project is opened.  It can open the file for the rendered audio and start to pad it with no signal after you hit bounce but still come to a halt because of a resource underrun, system overload, etc.  It depends upon plugin load, what is being automated and where the work occurs in the timeline, e.g., how close to the start of the project the real-time load is changing.   One symptom with 3rd party plugins is the 1st real-time bounce is padded with extra blank audio while no subsequent bounces are.  This results in the audio in the bounced file starting slightly later in time compared to the original audio source file.  If you zoom in, the bounced region will be longer.  Even in this boundary condition case the bounce still succeeds. I have not done testing with offline bounces.  These kinds of real-time variations means you cannot trust null testing with anything but simple projects.

I would try the latest version of Logic and work backwards making copies of the project, removing plugins, automation etc. until you get to the point where both an offline (and real-time) bounce succeeds.  Then at least you have a baseline to start from.

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