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No mic signal or sound in Logic

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Hi Friends,

I am brand new to Logic and just put my studio together. I have not been able to get a signal or sound through my mic. I am using the Apollo Twin as my interface. I have the mic plugged into input 1 and have assigned the vocal track to input 1. I also made sure software monitoring was turned on and still... nothing. I have tried two different cords to make sure it wasn't my mic cord. Any thoughts?



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Universal Audio states:


Set Input Gains

  1. Select the input channel to be adjusted by pressing the PREAMP button (9) until the Channel Selection Indicator (3) displays the desired channel (CH1 or CH2).
  2. Select the input type (mic or line) by pressing the INPUT Select button (11) until the Input Type indicator (5) displays the desired input jack* (see note below).

Source: https://help.uaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207808243-Setting-Hardware-Input-Output-Levels-on-Apollo-Twin


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I am not sure. The first cable I tried was a brand new cable. When that didn't work, I borrowed a cable from a friend that he said works, but who knows. That will be my next troubleshooting step, I suppose, to try a 3rd cable.

And yes, I adjusted the input gain.

Thank you, BTW. I really appreciate your helping me troubleshoot!

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