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Live Loops and Sampler with Novation Launchpad mk2


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Hi all

I've used Logic for years but only recently purchased a Novation Launchpad mk2 and now I'm using Live Loops for the first time. I'm still getting the hang of how to use the controller but there's one thing I can't seem to find in the tutorials I've been watching.

Is it possible to allocate some of the pads for triggering cells on Live Loops and save some for trigger samples from a Sampler? For example, the top 6x8 rows could be cells and the bottom 2x8 rows could be sixteen specific notes on a keyboard.

Any and all solutions welcome as I'm enjoying getting to grips with all of this!


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Not familiar with the Novation Launchpad…

However, if the goal consist to ensure the pads to triggers the Live Loop won’t also trigger the Sampler, I see two possibilities:

  • Set discrete MIDI channels if the mk2 can emit on 2 different MIDI channels at once
  • set midi notes limits via Logic track parameter (Key Limit value slider)

There might other options that I’m not aware of due to my lack of knowledge…

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