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exclude audio effects from the instrument insert?


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It's a feature, not a bug! That's how Logic Pro gives you the possibilities to use MIDI controlled effects:


Instead of adding FabFilter Pro-Q 3 to one of the insert slots, create a new Instrument Track, and click on the Instrument slot. Then choose AU MIDI-controlled Effects > FabFilter > Pro-Q 3. Now, the plug-in receives MIDI.

Source: https://www.fabfilter.com/help/pro-q/using/midilearn

Still, you should be able to customized what shows up in that menu from Logic Pro > Preferences > Plug-in Manager?

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33 minutes ago, apricotandpearjam said:

what use would that be to have an EQ in the instrument insert?

That allows you to control the plug-in parameters directly with MIDI. 

34 minutes ago, apricotandpearjam said:

i’d prefer if there was a way to specify that i will never need it as an instrument insert.

I don't think there's a way to do that exactly, but you can customize your plug-in menus in Logic Pro > Preferences > Plug-in Manager

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