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I have removed logic projects but haven't gotten any space on my harddrive


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13 minutes ago, KillianJ said:

I removed about a 150 GB worth of logic projects from my computer about two months ago to make room for new projects - but I still haven't gotten that space on my harddrive back! I obviously empted the trashbin. Why am I not freeing up any space? 

You should see the empty space the instant you're emptying your bin. Test it with a dummy project with a couple of test audio recording to check?

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I discovered that "APFS snapshots" were taking up some space that I couldn't recover no matter how much I deleted from the OS drive.  Once I removed the snapshot, I recovered the space.  I use Carbon Copy Cloner for backup, it created the snapshots, don't know if Time Machine does something similar.

I found a terminal command to list and then remove the snapshot file, should be easy to search for that.  Make sure run full backup before tinkering with this.



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Okay, thanks guys for your thoughts!

I do run Time Machine (on an external harddrive) but I started that like a week ago and I removed the projects several weeks ago so the issue is not there, but it could totally be some type of snapshot problem, I haven't looked into that yet but will now! 

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Contrary to common belief deleting files does not automatically free up the space. It can very well happen that the space is freed up only some time after a Time Machine backup. This has happened to me before; it is confusing to say the least. I've actually seen the free space decrease after deleting a bunch of files. A while (not immediately!) after the next backup things sorted out and everything was fine.

(I'm still on Mojave; no idea if this changed later.)



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