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Can I use one sample across multiple projects instead of making a copy each time?


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I am wanting to use 3rd party one-shot samples in Drum Machine Designer. I know it's possible to drag samples into DMD and save a copy of the sample in the project. But is it possible to just have a single audio file that all projects refer to (similar to how Logic handles the stock samples)? This would be much more efficient than making a new copy of a sample for every single project.

Hopefully this makes sense. I tried searching for this question, but I may not be using the right combination of words to describe the issue. I'm mainly using Splice, if that matters.


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Yes, if you have a central sample location, you can just have Logic load them from there, there is no reason to copy them into your project folders if you don't want to - when you save a project, have a look at the Asset settings below, and untick any sample content or files you don't want Logic to automatically copy to the project folder.

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