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Strange vocal effect accidentally added to track

Laura Donohue
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Hey there, I seem to have accidentally added a strange effect to one of my vocal takes...I think it may be related to the (-1) I see beside the track title and number at the top of the region (can't figure out how to attach a screen shot to this). On my vocal track there is an audio region labeled VOX #14.4 which has no strange effect but the region right next to it labeled VOX #15.1 (-1) sounds almost robotic.  I *think* it happened when I accidentally hit "option" instead of "command" and then the down arrow (I was trying to enlarge my track view).  No idea what happened after that but the vocal is super weird and I'd love to erase this weird effect instead of having to rerecord.  I so appreciate any help-- I'm a newbie at Logic and recording myself.  THANK YOU! 

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27 minutes ago, triplets said:

When you see a -1 on the region it means you Nudged the region with Option and Down arrow. Just Nudge it back with Option Up arrow.

Yes, well actually "Transpose" is the proper term here (Nudge means move the region in time). 

You can also see (and adjust) the Transpose value of a region in the Region inspector at the top left of your screen: 

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 8.33.19 PM.png

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