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Fine tune Live Loops audio clips


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Hi all!

I needed to fine tune -12 cents my Logic Live Loops projects. This means that I needed to choose all melodical (no drums) clips and take -12 cents down from transpose > fine tune .

I discovered the following:

Most cases it works nicely. Audio still plays without problems. But to my suprise SOME clips go out of sync. I don’t see logic here. Why it works here and not there?

Is this something you have noticed too, is it a bug or am I doing something wrong or missing something?


thanks in advance


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32 minutes ago, Ecaroh said:

I’ll check that, but in theory does flex mode affect to fine tune behavior and if it does what mode should I take?

Well ... good question! Actually you're right it does not. I thought it would affect it for some modes but I couldn't verify it so it seems that's not the issue after all. 

Is there a way you could share a simplified project with only two loops that become out of sync when you fine-tune them so that one of us can try to reproduce this? 

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Just a quick update to this or at least a finding which might be related:

I suppose that (In Live Loops) audio clip transpose may get it even more out of sync than fine tuning (original post). Now I noticed that Flex & Follow "Bars" makes it play at least better. Not perhaps 100% but clearly better. This is just a quick notice. Right now I don't have time to explore it more carefully.

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