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Looking for a Flex Pitch *Ranger* & Best Practices


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I have been working with FlexPitch extensively over the last 2 months, and it's been especially difficult because of some bleed into the vocal takes I'm tuning from other instruments. I know this isn't idea, but it's what I've got to work with for this project. I feel like I'm pushing the limits of Flex Pitch (or falling off the edge of them at times) and getting distorted vocals. I've also noticed, though, that sometimes the Flex Pitch file (pre-BIP) *sounds* distorted on playback, but when I BIP, it actually sounds fine. I don't know if this is a hardware/software limitation on my end or what, but I wanted to see if anyone in the community has experience as a Flex Pitch Ranger and has a good workflow with it. Sometimes I'll attempt to make a change in Flex Pitch, play it back and realize it's distorting, and press Cmd + Z to "Undo" it, but the file *retains* the distortion even though I "undid" what caused it. Bizarre.


So the question? Anybody willing to share their FlexPitch workflow or workarounds when it starts acting up? So far, this is what I know:

  1. When in doubt, bounce in place. 
  2. Stick with your ear,  because the visual analysis (lines over the audio file) are not precise.
  3. If the vocal file sounds distroted from FlexPitch corrections, BIP it (See #1 :) and listen to the bounced file. Sometimes the distortion has to do with playback and not the actual file.



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Thanks @Atlas007. At this point I've used it mostly for Flex Pitch, and yes, some vocal parts I can modify with it, others have to stay as they are because of distortion kicking in. Haven't tried Melodyne yet, but was hesitant to after seeing some reviewers experiencing similar issues as I have with Flex Pitch (though they may be less frequent with Melodyne).

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My experience has been that some "noise" blurbs in a performance can trip up Flex Pitch, understandably since it's most likely struggling to determine a pitch. What I call noise blurbs are the fret noise on a guitar performance, and mouth or breath noises in a vocal performance. But sometimes they can be triggered by growl as well. 

In any case when this happens I cut up the portion of the region that won't play nice with Flex Pitch (I Command-drag to highlight with the Marquee tool then click with the Pointer tool) and turn Flex off for that new region in the region inspector. If I still need to pitch that region I'll use another method such as transpose it or use a pitch shifting plug-in. 

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