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Automation not moving properly with Marquee selection


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I'm trying to take everything after the first 8 bars of my project and move it all back, but some of the automation points don't move correctly. For example, there is a track with mute automation and for some reason it moves the first automation point, but then leaves the second where it was originally, creating a shorter mute time than intended. Is there a way to fix this and make sure every single thing and automation point can be moved?

Also if I make a marquee selection then copy it, it doesn't copy the automation either 🙁


Take note of the middle track in the gif, how the mute  automation points get condensed together instead of staying the same length apart:

Automation issue .gif

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1 hour ago, Atlas007 said:

I wonder if using Cut/Insert Time would yield a more satisfying result.

IIRW, (when the automation isn’t visible) upon editing a track there’s a popping up alert about including the recorded automation. Don’t you get one?

Cut/Insert Time definitely works much better for shifting and copying everything, but it's odd that it's not as easy with a marquee selection, since sometimes I make a marquee selection, unselect multiple tracks, then want to copy that section. In that case, the issue with automation not copying correctly is still there 😟


Edit: after using cut/insert time a bit, somehow automation still got messed up... I'm not sure if that was my error or if it just didn't move the automation when I made a cut, inserted silence, etc.

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