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Quantization selection (region vs grid)


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Question: In logic you can quantize midi notes to the region or to the grid - with the distinction being you hold the option key down when you select your quantization value in the region inspector if you want it quantized to the region.  I recall it being documented in a release note at some point previously ( I believe ) - does anyone know if this feature is in the standard documentation somewhere ? If it is I can't seem to find it.

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If you have a region, whose start boundary that does not occur on the grid. you have the ability to quantize the notes referenced to the that start boundary ( in which case they will be quantized but not on the grid or to the absolute grid....)

Below you will see that I first select the quantize setting without holding down any modifier key and the notes quantize to the nearest 8th note. I then turn quantize off and then do the same quantization again (8th note) only now while holding the option key and you will see the notes now quantize the the region start (which is not co-linear to a grid line)

Yes if the left edge of the region is aligned with the grid and you pick a quantization which is a multiple of the grid divisions, then both will behave the same. 

Quantization Grid Vs Region.gif

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