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"Follow Tempo & Pitch" automatically turned on when importing files in Logic


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I'm doing this post for I have found a partial solution, and seeing that no other has found it, I'll share it, while simultaneously mentioning the problem.

Walkthrough of the incurred issue:

  1. Export Region As Audio File -- Trim Silence at File End, WAVE, 24 Bit, Normalize Off
  2. Storing it into a folder that has been listed in Untagged Loops in Logic
  3. Importing the resulting audio file into a new project -- be it new, not-new, default or template; Project Settings -> Smart Tempo -> Keep Project Tempo & Set Imported Files To: Off
  4. Logic automatically activates the "Follow Tempo & Pitch" function for the imported audio
  5. Unchecking the function, the audio results damaged/trimmed, anyway different from the original one

Cause of the issue:

The interested audio is stored into a folder that has been listed in Untagged Loops in Logic.


Move the interested audio, or the folder, out of the main folder listed in Untagged Loops


Go in Untagged Loops in Logic, right-click/control-click the interested audio, or the folder -> Remove from Untagged Loops

Is there a way for Logic to exclude tempo information from Untagged Loops, or to deactivate the automatic "Follow Tempo & Pitch" for Untagged Loops?

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